TAILORMADE SOLUTION Gain full control over your payments flows

Dimebox offers a fully complete payments platform that’s ready to use, right out of the box. Built with state of the art technology, it supports the complete range of payment solutions that modern businesses need to compete in this highly competitive industry. Even without using the full Dimebox stack, our payment platform offers modular features that are powerful on their own, like fraud prevention, data & analytics or billing. Our single API makes it easy to implement each module, because they’re all accessed through the same interface.

Icon green customisable

Fully customizable

Our platform can be tailored to your specific business needs. Our team of seasoned payment experts can help you find the perfect setup for your business.

Icon green platform as a service

Platform as a Service

Step away from paying per transaction and move to a subscription model. Pay a license fee and benefit from the value added services we offer.

future proof icon green

Future-proof technology

Because the platform architecture was designed from scratch, it is legacy-free. The platform is built to accommodate new releases, new integrations and even new modules without weakening or slowing down the core technology.. Move along with the demands of your customers and increase your market share by moving fast and remaining flexible, no matter how fast you scale.

Features of the Gateway

Data Analytics icon blue

Data & Analytics

Get access to powerful data visualization tools that give you actionable insights into your transaction data.. We capture the most in-depth data generated at every point a payment goes through and allow you to put it to use.

Fraud Prevention

Our fraud engine enables the combined use of rulesets and a machine learning fraud scoring algorithm trained with data-enhanced transactions. Additionally, third-party fraud solutions can be integrated into the Dimebox platform to provide an extra layer of security.

Dimebox Connect Icon Blue

Connections on demand

Achieve a fast time to market by easily adding connections with Dimebox, even if you already have a gateway solution. We can immediately set you up with our existing connections, or custom build the integrations you require in 4-6 weeks.

Next-level payment technology to optimize your business

Intelligent Routing

Intelligent Routing

A self-learning algorithm to reroute your transactions leading to higher authorization rates and reduction of fees without doing any extra work.

Real-time Risk Reduction

Filter and block transactions using detailed rulesets and an AI powered risk scoring engine that adapts with every transaction.

Automated Chargebacks Green Icon

Chargeback Automation

Automatically filter chargebacks that can immediately be contested and won, reducing the load on your operations team.

Master tokenization

Master tokenization

A single secure token for a single customer, increasing your independence from your provider and ensuring your PCI compliance.

recurring payments

Recurring Payments

Master tokens allow you to accept, build, and manage fixed subscription billing contracts and any other type of repeat billing payments.

interchange management

Predictive IC Management

Calculate precise interchange and scheme fees, allowing a transparent presentation of everything you and your customers pay for.

Dispute Management Green Icon

Dispute Management

All chargebacks that require manual intervention can be handled through an intuitive interface connected directly to the schemes.

Dynamic Checkout Green Icon

Customisable Checkout

A fully PCI-compliant hosted checkout feature that can be completely customized to resemble the merchant environment, providing consumers with a frictionless payment experience.

Billing & Settlement

Leverage the transaction data we collect to t reduce mistakes and provide transparency in all your billing and invoicing. Automatically create accurate statements and earn the trust of your customers.

Photo Jan Joost Kalff

INFRASTRUCTURE Enabling you to serve any type of customer

Dimebox offers a fully customizable payment platform that is infinitely scalable. Every client gets its own instance within Amazon Web Services.

dedicated cloud instance

Dedicated cloud instance

Including a sandbox, staging and production environment that are exclusive to your organization.

merchant onboarding tool

Merchant onboarding

Self-managed merchant onboarding through the platform without any friction.

unlimited hierarchy

Unlimited hierarchy

A clear and scalable structure that can be populated with infinite organizations, subsidiaries and accounts.

responsive ui

Optimal user experience

Modern UX principles and the latest tech ensure a clean and easy-to-use UI, without compromising on functionality.

Compliant checkout solution


Stop worrying about compliance. Our checkout solutions offers all flavours of PCI-compliance from PCI-D to PCI-A.

Data import

Historical data importer

Our flexible data model allows you to easily import historical data onto the platform for even more insights.