CONTROL YOUR BUSINESS An in-house built risk management system

Stop worrying about fraudsters and let our integrated machine do the work for you. Set up your risk framework and manage your risk appetite within the Dimebox platform.

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Self-learning machine

With advanced AI algorithms, the machine calculates a precise risk score per transaction. You decide the threshold to automatically block high-risk transactions.

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Tailormade solution

Fraud is always business-specific.

The fraud prevention engine runs on your own instance, ensuring the optimal rulesets for battling the specific fraud attacking your clients or your business.

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Easy-to-use rulesets

Stop blocking legitimate customers. Create effective conditional rulesets to block actual fraud or automatically tag transactions that need monitoring. New rules come into effect instantly within the dashboard.

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MAXIMIZE REVENUE Benefit from a built-in fraud prevention tool

We understand fraud prevention as a natural part of payment processing. That’s why it’s included as part of our white label payment gateway license. We give you the tools to take full control over your fraud handling and risk management.

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EXTERNAL 3rd party fraud integrations

Layer any third party fraud solution you want in front or behind our rulesets and machine learning tools. We build the connections and you stay in control with the precise fraud capailities you are looking for.

By offering this connectivity, we allow you to pinpoint precisely how much risk you are comfortable with. Transaction data analysed within our platform tells you how to employ the rulesets and external fraud solutions to block the specific fraud targeting your business accurately without blocking legitimate customers.

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Unlimited Control with Organisational Hierarchy

Recreate your organisation with multiple layers representing different departments, venues or subsidiaries. Each layer has control over all layers below them, but not above or parallel to them. This organizational hierarchy can be infinitely scaled and populated by users created by administrators.

Advanced Tagging & Blocking Functionalities

Tag, block, filter, review, monitor all your transactions in real time, and take action based on actual data from any vertical or source. Tagging can reveal customer or even marketing insights, and with one push of a button suspiciously tagged transactions can be blocked instantly, blocking all future transactions that are similarly suspicious.