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HOLISTIC BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE Establish any connection you need

There’s an ever growing amount of APMs worldwide and companies are struggling to integrate what they need while keeping up with customer demands. Upcoming regions often require specific types of integrations In order to guarantee that your business can expand quickly and effortlessly, Dimebox  facilitates these type of connections, no matter how complex they are.

Any connection we’ve already built previously is immediately available and if a new connection is needed, we’ll build it for you in 4-6 weeks. Due to the unique infrastructure of the Dimebox platform, we can establish completely new connections faster than anyone else.

1. Fast

We deliver new connections within 4-6 weeks depending on the complexity of the integration.

2. On demand

Any integration you want, whether it’s a card scheme, acquiring bank, alternative payment method or even an external fraud solution.

BENEFITS Integrate quickly with any third-party

Capture all data blue icon

Capture all data

We provide you with the deepest detail of transaction data such as settlement, TC-40/safe, chargeback and reconciliation data.

Quick time to market blue icon

Quick time to market

Don’t wait 20 weeks or longer for an integration you need tomorrow. 4-6 weeks is all it takes for us to integrate from scratch.

Reduce costs blue icon

Reduce costs

Don’t let your developers spend their valuable time on dragged-out integrations. We do the work, so you can focus on your core business.

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ANYTHING YOU NEED Connectivity on demand

Dimebox consumes all data related to transactions. This enables your business to get a grasp of everything you need to know in order to optimize your business, increase revenue and save costs. We are proud of our high level of adaptiveness to local markets around the world.

Existing connections

Cielo logo


The largest Brazilian credit and debit card operator.


One of the largest providers of payment strategies and technology solutions for financial institutions and businesses worldwide.

Pay Pal

Well-known provider of online payment solutions for its users.
Boleto logo


A payment method well-known and used in Brazil.
Six Payments Logo

SIX Payment Services

The Switzerland-based pan-European acquirer is one of Europe’s largest card transaction processors.
Klarna logo


Provider of e-commerce payment solutions for merchants and shoppers in Europe.
iDeal logo


A method of payment that enables consumers to pay online through their own bank.
First Data logo

First Data

A global leader in e-commerce and payment processing.