INTEGRAL PART OF OUR PLATFORM Value adds through transaction data

Dimebox makes all the data our platform collects, process and compute comprehensively available to our clients. Use it however you like, in the way that serves your business best. You are in full control of your data through our platform that has been built with automation in mind, saving you time and money.

For instance, you may prefer to use another dashboard or portal service – and that’s fine with us. We want to make your life easier by giving you access to the APIs that will allow you to visualize and leverage your data the way you want. If you’re scaling at pace, you don’t want a provider slowing you down. We provide the tools you need for full flexibility, with complete access to all your data and the ability to utilize it. Your data is the source of the value adds we make possible, by fuelling full-circle intelligence generated by the solutions we built in-house.

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HOLISTIC BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE Answer every possible question you might have

Real-time data insights

Real-time insights

Quit aggregating data within a closed box. Use the data as soon as it comes in, without any limitations. The use of webhooks allow instant and easy interaction with data from any vertical.

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Fully customizable

Freeform analysis enables any view your business might need. Together with widgets you have full control over the structure of the dashboard to see what you want in any amount of detail.

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Payments from PoS, mobile or cards: everything is processed into one data standard. Or import historical data from another source, and it will be standardized for analysis with all other data.

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DYNAMIC ROUTING Optimise the routes of your transactions

Automatic Routing

Transactions are configured according to account configuration, which can mean that declined transactions can automatically be submitted to a different route.

Logic-based Routing

The goal of routing is to get the highest authorisation rate while taking the cost of transactions into account. It allows the setup of smart processing to achieve that by taking what it has learned from monitoring and applying it to the transaction routing.

Intelligent Routing

Uses self-learning algorithms to make sure you get the best performance for the best price. By dynamically allocating transactions to routes that are performing well, there is a 3-5% increase in revenue to be gained here.

MAPD TECHNOLOGY GPU powered data handling

We use MapD to visualize and structure the data within the dashboard. MapD’s GPU powered data handling ensures a nearly unlimited scalability as opposed to CPU powered solutions. You can query billions of rows in real-time, allowing quick comparison and cross-filtering between complex subsets of data down to the level of a single transaction. This way of visualizing data reveals obscure consumer trends and payment behaviour that cuts costs and increases conversion.

The information gathered from this analysis can also be used to control transaction tagging or blocking behaviour directly from the same dashboard, providing an additional layer of fraud control along with third-party rulesets, prediction engines, and fraud investigation workflows.



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Import historical transaction data

Sometimes you need to use all of your transactions to gain insights into your business, even the ones that happened a long time ago. POS and e-Commerce; our flexible data model allows you to import historical data onto the platform in minutes.

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Build custom and complex search queries

Answer all the questions you have about any transaction that was processed. Sales, marketing, compliance, everyone can gain the insights they need.

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Powerful transaction reporting tools

Our freeform analysis offers many ways of filtering, tagging and reporting transactions. Load complete lists of transactions into the platform and filter them instantly by data, organization, customer and many other criteria.

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Export your transaction data

Easily export data to be used elsewhere with the click of a button. Create reports of the data you’ve selected, in any level of detail, right down to a single transaction if needed.