COMPLETE FLEXIBILITY Control your settlement, invoices and statements

The Billing & Settlement engine is part of our full-stack payments platform and has been built with acquiring in mind. When processing through Dimebox, which has a direct integration with the schemes, a multitude of datapoints is captured that are used for functionalities such as automatic invoice generation and accurate costs breakdown. Because we understand the acquiring business we can provide full transparency when it comes to invoicing your customers, the merchant, with specific fees and calculations.

As PSPs and acquirers grow in processing volumes and the range of added-services, the complexity of fee structures can lead to challenges in accurately calculating and passing through fees on a per transaction level. This leads to aggregated invoices that don’t provide the transparency needed to properly analyze the costs associated to processing.

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Getting paid is what it's all about

ENTERPRISE-GRADE PLATFORM Getting paid is what it's all about


1. Achieve full automation
Benefit from automated processes that reduces mistakes and provide more transparency to your customers, while simultaneously reducing costs.

2. Create flexible contracts
Create contracts that are highly flexible for days, weeks or months. Bill individual events that take place before, during and after the transaction process.

3. Generate invoices automatically
From reconciling settlements with transactions to automatically generating invoices and statements to merchant funding.

4. Manage risk exposure
Automatically cover your exposure by setting up custom rolling reserve rules and delayed remittance. T-settings can be setup per processor.


Everything automated

By automating each step of the settlement and billing process, the Billing & Settlement engine eliminates the need for large spreadsheets, manual input and unnecessary mistakes. Making it easy for you to scale from 1 to a Million transactions without any interruption.

99.99% accurate

Stop struggling with correctly calculating fees, due to them constantly changing, as well as complex tiering and pricing. Rely on fee contracts that can handle complexity as well as consuming the actual interchange and scheme fees. This is how we get our clients the highest possible accuracy.

Fully transparent

Offer your merchants a fully transparent cost breakdown with daily receipts of processed revenue and fees, FX transparency, as well automatically generated invoices on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Make your merchants happy again, and claim their loyalty for the years to come!

FLEXIBLE PRICING Easy-to-use and flexible contracts

The days of traditional pricing are over. Get to speed with Dimebox’ new way of pricing that puts you in the driver seat. Be able to see what actually happens and enjoy your newfound flexbibility.

Blended, Interchange+ or Interchange++, you have full control over the pricing method as well as the fees that you want to apply to a transaction or action, to ensure that you can give your merchants the most competitive pricing no matter their business mode.

Blended pricing

Interchange ++

Passthrough the actual Interchange, Scheme Fees and the Acquirer Markup, providing your merchants with full transparency in the cost of the value chain.

Blended pricing

Blended pricing

Offer a lower set rate than your competitors and take the complexity out of pricing for merchants who want to go to market quickly and without friction.

POWERFUL FEATURES An engine with next-level reconciliation features

Cards and APMs

Create fee contracts based on payments methods. We give you the ability to manage pricing and create merchant profitability reporting.

Omnichannel support

E-commerce, POS, MOTO: It matters on what channels customers buy. So we enable you to create fee contracts based on those channels. Create omnichannel fee contracts and keep a clear overview at any time.

Pricing value adds

Create fee contracts based on payments methods. We give you the ability to manage margins and create merchant profitability reporting.

3D secure

E-commerce, POS, Moto: It matters on what channels end customers buy. So we enable you to create fee contracts based on those channels and keep the overview at any time.