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NEXT GENERATION TECHNOLOGY The better way of acquiring processing

We engineered the Dimebox processing engine to take full control of the whole acquiring operations lifecycle, from transaction processing, fee calculation and dispute management automation down to reconciliation.  This eliminates the need for extensive manual work and puts a stop to human errors.

The existing solutions in the market are built on top of outdated legacy systems, slowing down payment institutions and killing their intentions to innovate, while rendering them unable to compete with new challengers. By building our whole platform completely from scratch we made future scalability our highest priority. The Dimebox processing engine facilitates quick time-to-market and powerful flexibility. In addition to the processing-only focus of existing solutions, the engine uses our unified data model to provide value-adds with intelligent processing capabilities such as interchange calculation, automatic dispute handling and comprehensive transaction reconciliation.

The payment landscape is evolving fast. The demands of the industry are constantly changing and you need to stay flexible in order to be competitive. Are you interested in a solution that can move along with the demands of your customers? Contact us to discuss opportunities.

FULL-STACK ACQUIRING SOLUTION Full control within a single platform

We’re introducing a better approach to acquiring processing; process all transactions from A to Z with Dimebox and step away from fragmented payment processing. Our white label technology creates a one-stop experience for merchants, PSPs and acquirers, allowing you to simplify the value chain and use. The data-driven design turns transaction data into value-adds and enables you to absorb more positions in the value chain without complicating your day-to-day business.


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BENEFITS Push the whole industry into the future

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Take control

Take a unique position in the payment value chain by gaining access to the most advanced processing technology available in the market.

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Scheme integration

By integrating directly into the schemes like VISA and Mastercard, we provide you the maximum amount of knowledge about the transactions we process.

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Improve auth rates

By collecting all the necessary data related to a transaction, our platform is able to learn from authorizations and declines, making suggestions for improving auth rates in the future.


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Multi Currency

We process transactions in over 180 currencies, grouping them together to get direct insights into transactions and volumes.

recurring payments green icon

Recurring Payments

Use our API to manage subscription-based billing and any other type of repeat payments.

Predictive Interchange

Know up front what you will pay, who you will pay and when you will pay.

data insights green icon

Data Insights

Benefit from valuable insights into transaction data for every department of your business.

apms + cards green icon

APMs + Cards

Process any type of transaction alongside credit card transactions with our full range of connections.

fraud prevention green icon

Fraud Prevention

Stop fraudulent transactions from being processed and use historical insights to improve the accuracy of the engine.

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A UNIQUE PROPOSITION Become your own acquirer

Dimebox breaks with the cumbersome acquiring processing approach. We provide you with the technology to process your transactions yourself and to start processing directly, without the friction and inefficiency suffered by the current value chain.

1. White label technology
Customers value consistency. Safeguard your own brand identity and use our technology with the look and feel that your customers know and trust.

2. Bin sponsorship
Connect to the major card networks directly and expand your business and product offerings to your clients as a BIN sponsor.

3. Complete data collection
By doing your own processing, you have access to all the data generated throughout the process to generate the most complete analysis insights.

4. Simplify the value chain
Integrating directly into the card schemes means skipping needless third party fees and infrastructural complexity. Dimebox provides the technology that allows you to cut out the middle men.