Why Dimebox?

In short, we founded Dimebox to fix complex payments problems. Through years of experience in the fintech industry we gained intimate knowledge of its opportunities and pain points, and realized that current payment services are under-utilizing modern technological advancements, causing them to lag behind in  developments such as automation and optimization of conversion, customer loyalty and marketing potential. While fintech is rapidly expanding, most payment processors still rely on outdated core technology to guide transactions from A to B without supporting the value added services that today’s merchants are demanding. Dimebox set out to create a payment platform that adds value to every transaction, and to give our clients the tools to not only process any type of payment, but improve their business using every transaction as a stepping stone. Our full-stack white label platform, based on one single API, contains everything needed to solidify a strong global position.


We chose not to accept reliance on legacy solutions, so we built our own technology straight from the core of payments, with a team that exemplifies efficiency and creativity. This Dimebox vision is reflected in everything we do. We prefer collaborating on an even level instead of in a strict hierarchy. Doing great work should also be exciting and fun, so we value an open and fluid workplace. How our team members function in this environment is just as important as their individual skill set. By putting the needs of our clients first, starting from the beginning and developing our own technology, we avoided layering solutions on top of suboptimal legacy systems, so every next step our platform takes is made on a rock solid base. That’s what it takes to turn the payment landscape upside down. By first taking a couple of steps back, we re-engineered the parts of payments that nobody has touched in years, pushing ourselves and our product to the limit of what is currently possible.


Dimebox was founded in 2014 by industry experts from Adyen, Paysafe and Ingenico after Hans van Leeuwen and Jan Joost Kalff sat together to discuss the legacy problems in online payments. When Raymundo Leefmans left Adyen at that time, he strengthened the company with his expert knowledge and unique view on payments. After leaving his function as Head of Acquiring at Adyen, Raymundo saw an opportunity for Dimebox to become more than just a PSP: to take on a position that no other company filled in the market, offering white-label software that takes care of the entire technical side while enabling clients to start taking on parts of the payment process that they previously had to leave to third parties.

With Raymundo’s new vision in place, Dimebox started building. Soon, the first releases were rolling out, and we could start bringing the Dimebox solutions to the people who needed them. The combined experience and unique business insight of the founders quickly solidified Dimebox as a fast growing, buzzing start-up on the international stage.

Raymundo Leefmans

Co-founder & CEO

Raymundo plays a crucial role in shaping the company’s direction and vision for the future. His extensive experience at companies like Ingenico and Adyen together with his passion for the technological challenges in payments enable Dimebox to stay ahead of its competitors and take Payment Intelligence solutions to the next-level.

Glenn Mac Donald

Chief Operations Officer

After specializing in card acquiring at financial institutions like Adyen, ING and Visa, Glenn now uses his considerable management experience to implement best practices that improve efficiency, reduce operating costs and increase productivity at Dimebox. Glenn is responsible for the execution of our client-focused strategies and makes sure our team functions as a finely tuned orchestra that bring their A-game every single day.

Jan Joost Kalff

Co-founder & CCO

Jan Joost understands the demands of the payment industry, after years of experience with business development and sales at EMS and Ingenico. Based on this understanding, he founded Dimebox to provide a solution for the rising amount of technical and legacy problems PSPs face while keeping up with the demands of the customers. Jan Joost is the driving factor behind the growth and global expansion of our company.

Hans van Leeuwen

Co-founder & CTO

The architect and mastermind behind our payment technology platform. Hans acquired expertise in fintech and online payment technology during his years with Ingenico. In collaboration with Raymundo, Hans designed the cutting-edge architecture of our Payment Intelligence Platform as Head of our Agile development team.

David Jokinen

Chief Product Officer

David has gained an extensive understanding of the global payment space during his 25 years of experience in information technology, including 15 years in financial services. He has contributed to product management and software development at large companies like PaySafe group. At Dimebox he leverages his skills and experiences as Head of Product, shaping and steering the product roadmap from conceptualization to delivery.