We’ve expanded our development & product teams!

June 12, 2018

New hires June

This June, we welcomed more new hires into the Dimebox office! Our new colleagues are strengthening our development & product teams bringing new perspectives, knowledge and expertise into our workplace. We’re excited about our newest additions and very happy to work with them. Let’s introduce the first two of our new hires:


Delia Istrate QA Automation Engineer

Working in a test-driven environment means testing throughout all stages of development. Assuring the quality of our work is an important part of our daily lives, so to keep this up, Delia joined us as a QA Automation Engineer. She brings 10 years of experience in testing along with a focus on automation and the desire to break stuff (in the best way possible). After honing her skills during her college years she entered the professional field with a lot of enthusiasm. Delia will focus on maintaining the high quality of our releases and maintaining a smooth collaboration with the involved development teams.


Hung Q. Le  Senior Front-End Engineer

Starting out as a graphic designer, Hung quickly discovered that he wanted to bring his designs to life himself, so he took a deep dive into web development. He caught dev fever and now combines design and programming in a front-end role. With many years of experience in the field he now helps Dimebox build our next generation dashboard, UI and UX features. The key words here are beautiful, effective and accessible. He’s looking forward to putting his knowledge and experience to use, delivering faster and better features that are ready to scale to infinity.


Manish Raje Product Manager

With a degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from UC Berkeley, Manish started working in the consulting industry after university. The bulk of his work was providing highly specialized knowledge to clients in the acquiring and issuing side of the payments industry, specifically in the card present domain. His experience together with his interest in technology, security and authentication mechanisms have make him an extremely capable product manager. He’s excited to work in Dimebox’s dynamic start-up environment, where he’ll get busy breaking the status quo of payments.


We’re very happy to welcome our new colleagues to our team and are excited to shape the future of payments together!

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