Dimebox partners with SlimPay

June 12, 2017

Dimebox partners with SlimPay

We are proud to announce that Dimebox integrated SEPA Direct Debit (DD) through SlimPay. We specifically implemented a use case where the first billing cycle is immediately fulfilled through iDEAL. The following instalments are then collected using SEPA Direct Debit.

SlimPay provides a smart recurring payments API ideal for organisations of all size operating payments for subscriptions or pay-as-you-go businesses. They offer a facile method of signing a mandate for SEPA DD. When a user gives permission to collect a subscription for a specific product or service every month, this is done digitally through an eMandate. Consumers used to perform a test transaction of 0.01 EUR using iDeal, which created the mandate. Afterwards, it was followed up with a direct debit of the month’s instalment.

With SlimPay’s payment method and it’s quick checkout flows, merchants can complete an easy customer authorization for subscription billing by signing the eMandate. SlimPay leaves out the test transaction, collecting the entire subscription instalment right away, at the same time optimising the checkout time and the whole experience drastically. This way, both merchant and consumer can be assured that the first instalment was a success.

Dimebox gives you the option of SEPA DD SlimPay payment method. Now you can simplify checkout flows improving customer trust, retention and loyalty. Ultimately it decreases drops or abandonment rates and increases merchants confidence that they will collect their money.

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