Dimebox partners with Klarna

May 6, 2017

Dimebox integrates Klarna

Dimebox now supports the payment method Klarna, one of Europe’s leading payments providers. Clients of Dimebox can now provide Klarna’s pay-later experience to their customers.

Klarna has quickly emerged as one of the more popular payment providers, especially in Nordic countries. As a customer, one is able to pay only once the ordered goods have been received. Every subsequent payment requires only one click, as the customer’s data has been saved during the first transaction. Klarna guarantees an attractive and reliable payment method for both merchants and customers.

Customers are able to benefit from up to 14 days of delayed payment for their purchases. The result of this is not only convenience for the customer, but increased trust and more sales opportunities, removing the pain of refunds or chargebacks. Follow-up payments can be achieved instantly, since Klarna stores the customer details and acts as a reliable middleman, guaranteeing a smooth experience for both sides of the sale.

With Klarna in place, Dimebox offers a wide range of alternative payment methods to choose from, with more in the pipeline. For now, Klarna is most prevalent in the Nordic market, but the company is also expanding into new territories. Being ready to offer Klarna out of the box means being one step ahead as a payment service provider.

Dimebox is now even better equipped, and we are not stopping. Our vision is to offer the most innovative payment options, and to support the emerging needs of the market, while keeping everything consistent and easy to use.

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