A Coffee with: Luuk Gruijs

May 3, 2017

Luuk Gruijs

Meet Luuk Gruijs, our passionate front-end force! Four months went by fast since he joined Dimebox back in January. Thanks to Luuk our platform evolves every day, bringing our clients the most intuitive and comprehensible user experience imaginable.

One of the choices

Before starting his career as a front-end developer, Luuk Gruijs attended the University of Applied Sciences in Amsterdam, where he did a Bachelor in Communication and Multimedia Design (CMD). Within the CMD program, students can select from a variety of specialities ranging from front-end development to user interface design and project management. Luuk chose front-end programming, and it proved to be the start of a promising career.

“I was fascinated by the concept of writing some text that is interpreted by a computer and then directly converted into something usable, like a website.”

Not as easy as it seems

Just like every programmer, Luuk began coding at his home, exploring the endless possibilities. At first it seemed relatively easy, building beautiful things from the ground up but Luuk realised there is much more to learn, and it sparked his curiosity, instantly making the coding process even more challenging and exciting.

“You can always learn more and get better, that is why coding is very exciting.”

In his second year of studies, he started his own one-person business, designing websites for numerous companies. By doing all sorts of projects Luuk became better at developing, which resulted in a full-time position at a medical-technology startup.

On time

After two years Luuk was searching for something new, something more ambitious. This was exactly the moment that Dimebox was looking for a talented front-end developer who was up for the challenge. The complex fintech industry and the technology stack were convincing enough for Luuk to join Dimebox, but he also liked the creative setting and the possibility to make a difference that startups have.

“The financial industry goes through major technology changes which has a visible influence on the economy. This is very fascinating, especially for developers like me.”

Luuk’s ambition is to become the best front-end developer, and Dimebox gave him the opportunity to do just that. He is currently working on rewriting the existing user interface into the latest version of Angular. Having a hands-on mentality and extensive knowledge about different frameworks, Luuk has no problem implementing innovations into the user interface that makes the platform more comprehensible for its users. With the addition of Luuk earlier this year, Dimebox found the missing link between developing new features and presenting them in an intuitive way to Dimebox’s clients.


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