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ABOUT DIMEBOX A next-generation platform as a service

The Dimebox white label payment platform is designed to meet the needs and demands of global financial institutions, such as payment service providers, acquirers and banks, to serve merchants on both the SME and Enterprise level. Whether you are looking to replace your complete payment technology platform, or want to benefit from the modular aspect of our platform by implementing certain features and functionalities, you can do both with our single RESTful API.

We enable cost efficient processing and intelligent routing across the back-end processors of your choice. We establish new connections to acquirers, processors and alternative payment methods on demand within 4-6 weeks. In the process we allow you to leverage our deep data capabilities with granular level settlement information. Be in full control of your payments and do so under your own brand, to claim the loyalty of your clients by adding value to transaction processing.

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One single platform through one API

One payment API

Our comprehensive RESTful API gives users access to a full-stack acquiring platform with end-to-end capabilities. It’s easy for merchants to connect to and allows you to focus on your core business. The API offers modules like data analytics, fraud prevention, connections on demand and an enterprise grade billing & settlement solution. At the heart sits our acquiring processing engine with direct integrations into the schemes.

white label platform

Fully white-label

Both the UI and the API are completely white label and Dimebox does not exist to your clients as such. Our platform will run invisibly under the hood, without compromising your branding or risking the trust of your customers.

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FULL-STACK ACQUIRING PLATFORM End-to-end control over your payments

Our full-stack acquiring solution has direct integrations into Visa and MasterCard, giving our clients full control of the complete merchant journey by owning the entire infrastructure within the payments value chain. Our platform offers high levels of automation in such fields like financial reconciliation and chargeback handling, as well as efficiency gains in terms of integration projects and releasing new features and functionality.

Processing with Dimebox offers principal members significant reductions in the total cost of ownership, with a platform that is built with the latest technology and which operates in the cloud without the need for dedicated hardware, maintenance and expensive software licenses. This results in a lean and agile operation for the financial institution, as well as completely transparent billing and settlement.

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AUTOMATED PROCESSES & TRANSPARENT PRICING Enterprise grade billing & settlement

The Dimebox billing & settlement engine provides payment service providers and acquirers with a fully integrated financial reconciliation tool to create fee contracts, retrieve settlements, display statements, bill fees, generate invoices and administer merchant funding, refunds and chargebacks.

For each transaction that has been processed through the Dimebox API, either by a third-party processor or by an acquirer using the Dimebox card processor, the billing & settlement engine stores the calculated fees in our database and provides it with a primary key, giving us the ability to aggregate settlements.

Because we understand acquiring operations we can help you streamline your processes and bring transparency to your pricing, for yourself and your merchants.

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FEATURES OF THE PLATFORM Delivering added value is the norm, not the exception

Actionable and real-time data insights

The quality of our processor integrations enables us to deliver you the most granular level of transaction data and expose an advanced analytics suite that you can leverage towards your clients to help them understand their payments.

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Integrated fraud solution

Preventing fraud was never easier. Our self-learning solution will become stronger every day and there’s also the possibility to upload historical data into the platform.

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Pricing modules depending on your business

Simple and transparent

We believe in charging a monthly fee for the value-added services we offer you and your customers. No matter what type of business you are, our model is flexible to serve.

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Connections overview

Global and local payment coverage

Integrate the acquirers and alternative payment methods you require, on demand, and with an implementation time of several weeks, rather than months. Dimebox can connect you to any third-party you want.

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Clean and modern RESTful APIs backed by comprehensive documentation and a technical support team to assist you every step of the way. Want to see it for yourself? Request our API documentation by clicking the button below.

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